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Contemporary Business Services, Inc.

Bookkeeping ~ Payroll ~ Training

Owner of CBS, Inc. Gloria Serafini brings more than 20 years of traditional training, trial and error, and first-hand experience to each client she serves. The inspiration to start her own business came from the very people she now provides support for. While taking leave to have her second daughter, she was one of many to notice how the entrepreneurial spirit of the country began to spread. After considering what she loves doing most within a business, she discovered there is always a great need for it.

As new companies develop, most of the seemingly monotonous office tasks are left to chance. But soon, as every new business owner will learn, it all catches up to you. With boxes of old receipts, months worth of filing piled in an office inbox, and general procedures ignored, you find yourself scrambling at tax time to get your ducks in a row, and behind another year if it’s not resolved swiftly. CBS, Inc. was founded on the ideals of proactive efforts to keep independent businesses, giant corporations, and everyday individuals ahead of the game.

Gloria has always thrived within an environment of disorder, and has made a great name for herself as one of the best administrators in the region. Boasting an exponential growth in clientele over the last year, her greatest joy is being able to help those that find themselves in the same position she herself was in while starting her own company. She’s experienced first-hand the stresses, exhaustive efforts, and immense sense of accomplishments that come with forging a new path for yourself and your family. Her ultimate goal is efficient, confidential, beneficial service for your company, with plenty of time for family when she clocks out, a common goal for any entrepreneur.