Gloria Serafini - Payroll - Write Up - Bookkeeping
Since more than 8000 years ago, accounting records were kept to ensure the accuracy of the new concept of “business.”  The earliest examples were found in the ancient ruins of Babylon, Assyria, and Sumeria.  Even then, knowledge of profit and loss was as essential as the product you sold, and things haven’t changed much.  
Very often the modern business owner can feel they’re engulfed in ruin themselves.  Stacks upon stacks of old receipts, ledgers, or other documents will never put themselves away, no matter how many wishbones we break!   
It is for all these professionals, the first-timers, the procrastinators, the busy bees, and the seasoned expert, that CBS, Inc. was founded.  We know how quickly the hours pass when you’re swamped with tasks, and how slowly they tick when you’ve got piles of chores in front of you.  We’re dedicated to easing your workload by diminishing those piles, implementing new filing methods, and keeping your books up to date. 
Welcome to CBS, Inc., your new peace of mind!

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